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Unlock Real-Time Insights Buried within Your Oncology Data to Elevate Clinical Research


Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine analyzes medical records, clinical notes, genomics reports, and other data sources to enhance and expedite the process of trial matching and cancer reporting. Reduce manual effort, improve clinical decision-making, and produce research at a pace that surpasses other institutions.

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Enhance Efficiency with Our Proven NLP Engine

Leverage Untapped Data to Make More Impactful Decisions

Unlock clinical and business intelligence hidden within unstructured text data – such as medical records, clinical notes, and genomics reports. Enhance clinical decision-making, bolster population health initiatives, and refine strategic planning.

Automate Manual Processes to Boost Productivity

Eliminate manual tasks and access accurate and comprehensive datasets promptly to empower your clinical research and business intelligence teams to expand their capabilities. Lighten your staff’s workload, increase employee retention, and free time to pursue other value-adding activities.

Extract Insight from Patient Data to Improve Clinical Outcomes

Extract disease characteristics, medications, or risk factors from clinical documents within seconds. Design, fill, and complete more trials – and determine the most beneficial clinical pathway tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset


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The Inspirata team worked with HDR UK to apply our NLP engine to the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19). This helped researchers around the globe answer important virus-related questions faster and with full confidence.

How It Works

Unlock the Potential of Intelligent Data Analysis

Our NLP technology uses advanced algorithms to convert large clinical datasets into discrete information within seconds, minimizing effort and enabling your team to find insights faster.

This helps:

  • Cancer registries: reduce backlogs, achieve accreditation, and enhance efficiency
  • Nurses and principal investigators: save time, increase patient enrollment in appropriate clinical trials, and retain patients
  • Oncology departments: amplify research output, streamline operations, and boost revenue generation

Verified, Proven, and Trusted Technology

Our AI/NLP technology consistently delivers with a sensitivity exceeding 99% and a specificity surpassing 98%. Such accuracy has been sustained across 44 independent quality control studies at external facilities since 2020.

How Inspirata Supports Your Organization

Unlock the True Value of Your Clinical Data

Enhance efficiency, generate unique insights, and improve patient care with our NLP engine.