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Turbocharge clinical research or data-abstraction projects.

Inspirata’s NLP engine* autonomously mines clinical documents and reports, in real time, with near-perfect effectiveness.

Whether you are working on a cutting-edge research at an academic medical center or an innovative data-driven healthcare technology solution, our proven NLP engine may save you time, budget, and a lot of frustration.


See the power of our NLP engine for yourselves.

Gain a deeper understanding of how Inspirata’s AI/NLP technology solves various challenges in the oncology informatics space. Inspirata selectively leverages the strengths of multiple AI/NLP methodologies to achieve the best possible results. Watch the two videos below for a demonstration of how different problems require different solutions, and how our hybrid technology stands above the rest.

Inspirata’s AI/NLP technology achieved over 99% sensitivity (i.e. ability to find true positives) and over 98% specificity (i.e. ability to find true negatives). The graphic below illustrates how this performance remained consistently high over 44 QC studies conducted at third-party sites since 2020.

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset

Scholarly Articles
Full-Text Documents

Our team, in conjunction with HDR UK, applied Inspirata’s NLP engine to the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) to help researchers around the globe find answers to important questions about the virus.

A full account of this work was published in the Health and Care Informatics edition of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in January 2021.