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Responsible AI Principles

Inspirata’s Four Pillars of Responsible AI

Responsible AI is a core component of how forward-thinking companies like Inspirata are revolutionizing oncology informatics.

For the past two decades, we’ve collaborated with government agencies to refine our proprietary AI/NLP engine, which is at the core of our software solutions. Today, hundreds of healthcare institutions rely on and trust our AI/NLP technology. We’re committed to holding ourselves accountable and guarantee that our AI functions within an ethically sound framework. With these principles, we ensure that our technology remains a reliable, trustworthy, and beneficial tool for all stakeholders.

Safe, Secure, and Effective

Through our long-standing presence in the oncology space, we’ve consistently demonstrated our commitment to safety, security, and effectiveness. By continuously improving the sensitivity and specificity of our NLP engine, we ensure that our solutions remain at the forefront of innovation. Our software is also HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that patient information is always protected.

Promoting Transparency

We believe transparency is key, so we’re open about how our technology functions. Rather than simply delivering a result, we show you exactly how we arrived at that result. Our solutions augment and enhance human decision-making, and we hold firm in our belief that AI should complement – not replace – human expertise.

Commitment to Equity

Our AI isn’t just about accuracy and precision. We’re also deeply committed to equity and inclusivity. We recognize that healthcare isn’t all black and white, so we always bring the gray areas into consideration. This involves diving deep into the full text of clinical documents and trial specifications to surface the full picture of patients’ health and not relying upon naïve, statistical categorizations based upon shallow demographic data.

Ensuring Real-World Utility

We believe AI should always serve a tangible purpose. Our technology is designed to handle the clinical staff’s time-consuming manual processes, allowing them to redirect their efforts towards more impactful value-added tasks. The tangible, measurable outcomes produced by our technology stand as a testament to its utility.