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Trial Navigator assists researchers and principal investigators in conducting high-accruing trials. This enables nurses and oncologists to efficiently match eligible patients with suitable trials, without bias. Facilitate groundbreaking research and deliver best-in-class cancer care at scale.

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Streamline Matching Processes

Manually matching cancer patients to clinical trials takes an average of 2 hours – but 83% of hospitals want to offer more trials.

Trial Navigator provides built-in automation for clinical trial matching to reduce administrative duties, scale your CTM processes, and give your staff more time to focus on patient care.

Improve Patient Outcomes

It is estimated that only around 3-5% of eligible cancer patients are offered participation in a clinical trial – leading to missed opportunities and risking sub-optimal patient outcomes.

Trial Navigator expands the number of treatment options and empowers you to offer patients an optimal treatment at point of care – instead of delaying the process by weeks to undertake manual research.

Retain Patients & Grow Revenue

Many patients join clinical trials at other hospitals because the trial matching processes takes too long at the institution of diagnosis – which puts funding, accreditation, and revenue generation at risk.

Design, fill, and complete more successful diverse, equitable, and inclusive trials based on historical and current patient health information within your organization. Trial Navigator helps you increase patient loyalty, conduct and publish more research, and retain your funding.

The Future of Clinical Trial Matching is Digital

Complete Transparency

Trial Navigator enhances AI/NLP transparency, explainability, and trust by identifying key sections of information used for matching in various source documents (patients and trials), allowing you to confidently comprehend every decision.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with leading EHR, CTMS, LIS* and other clinical platforms. Trial Navigator fits into your existing digital ecosystem to streamline workflows, improve data accessibility, and make life easier for oncologists, nurses, and principal investigators.

User-Friendly Interface

Find suitable patients for upcoming trials and match patients to current trials in seconds. Trial Navigator undertakes complex analysis of clinical and trial databases but delivers it all in a user-friendly and actionable manner to accelerate decisions and improve patient care.

Elevate Efficiency and Enhance Precision

Trial View Module

Analyze hundreds of patients’ profiles to auto-generate cohorts of patients eligible for pre-screening for clinical trials, without bias.

Feasibility Module

Reduce the countless hours and resources spent on clinical trial feasibility studies to quickly identify the most promising trials for your patients and ensure realistic assessments.

Trial Performance Module (Roadmap 2024)

Predict and measure trial performance to assess the viability of trials and ensure your resources are utilized efficiently.

Point-of-Care Module

View a list of clinical trials matched to a cancer patient – all automatically ranked by the patient records’ alignment with trial eligibility criteria.

Trial Builder Module

Design, plan, and launch trials with our intuitive drag-and-drop tools to customize every aspect of your trial, accelerate planning, and treat new patients faster.

Trial Navigator in Action

Researchers at one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious hospitals studied the effectiveness of Trial Navigator. Want to know what they found?

Become a Leader in Oncology Care and Research

Trial Navigator automates and accelerates clinical trial matching – helping you transform patient care, reduce administrative burdens, and drive more revenue.
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