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Clinical Trial Matching

Real-time matching of patients and trials using AI and NLP technology.

Strong pressure to match patients to clinical trials…
currently thwarted by a mostly manual process!

Lack of Diversity in Pre-Screening


Of hospitals seek to eliminate bias in pre-screening patients for clinical trials.

Can’t Match Enough Patients


Of hospitals want to increase the number of trials available for their patients.

Manual Processes are Slow

2 hours

On average, is how long it takes to identify relevant clinical trials for each patient.

Full Automation is Extremely Rare

Only 6%

Of care teams categorize their clinical trial matching process as mostly automated.

Immediate Matches are Inaccessible

2 out of 3

Hospitals strongly desire to match their patients to clinical trials at the point of care.

The Digital Future of Clinical Trial Matching

The Current Way

  • Most healthcare institutions match patients with clinical trials manually.
  • Automation is limited by the lack of structured and up-to-date data about patients and trials.

The Problem

  • The current matching process is labor intensive, time consuming, and prone to errors due to manual entry.
  • Only a small percentage of patients get evaluated for clinical trials.

The Future

  • Information feeds automatically and is presented intuitively, without breaking clinical workflows.
  • Powerful AI & NLP technology allows for matching in real time, even at the point of care.

By leveraging powerful NLP and AI, Inspirata is solving the problem with clinical trial matching.

Trial Design and Coordination

Nurse Navigator identifies cohorts of eligible patients to be reviewed for specific clinical trials and research studies.


Point-of-Care Clinical Trial Matching

Trial Navigator instantly matches and ranks all relevant clinical trials to a single patient inside clinicians’ EHR workflow.

Watch this short video to find out why one of our newest customers is excited about using Inspirata’s clinical trial matching solution!

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Nurse Navigator gives research coordinators immediate access to the most up-to-date inclusion/exclusion criteria for live clinical trials to match with automatically generated cohorts of eligible patients.

How Nurse Navigator Works

  • Fully automated NLP gives the most up-to-date inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Relevant patients are presented to research coordinators for review.
  • Retrospective study of patient data to determine future trial feasibility.

Witness how Nurse Navigator can improve your workflow!

Trial Navigator gives clinicians the ability to automatically match their patients to clinical trials and rank the matches by relevance at the point of care.

Benefits of Trial Navigator

  • Automated ingestion and abstraction of patient data.
  • Users no longer need to remember multiple logins.
  • Accessible as a stand-alone web application for hospitals using EHRs other than Epic.

Discover how Trial Navigator can improve your workflow!

Powered by Inspirata's Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine

Tried and Tested Technology

  • Proprietary and industry-leading AI/NLP refined over more than a decade’s worth of collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
  • Trusted by hundreds of healthcare institutions across the US and abroad.
  • Optimized for cancer and clinical data use.

Validated by Leaders in Cancer Research

Our clinical trial matching solution recently passed a robust clinical validation process designed by researchers at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom, a global leader in cancer research.

Integrates with Existing Key Platforms

Our clinical trial matching can integrate bi-directionally with the leading EHR and CTMS platforms. Trial Navigator is the only clinical trial matching solution on the market to be approved in the Epic App Orchard. Inspirata is also an API Gold Partner in the Advarra Partner Network. Check out our press releases below to learn more about our integrations!

Integrates with Existing Key Platforms

Our clinical trial matching can integrate bi-directionally with the leading EHR and CTMS platforms. Inspirata is also an API Gold Partner in the Advarra Partner Network. Check out our press releases below to learn more about our integrations

Full Visibility into Each Patient-Trial Match

Understand Why Decisions Were Made:

  • Uncover which inclusion/exclusion criteria pass or fail for each patient trial match.
  • See how the system interprets and collates inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Compare to the original wording of inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Find and highlight sections of patient data in pathology reports or other clinical reports that corresponded to matched inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Wondering Where to Get Started?

Ask these 15 key questions to your potential vendors on topics like:

  • Usability & Workflow Optimization
  • Solution Architecture
  • Service & Support
  • Oncology Domain Expertise

Want to see how you can save time, money, and effort by improving your clinical trial matching workflow?

Why Inspirata?

  • SMART on FHIR app works seamlessly with all leading EHR systems
  • Leverages industry-proven, scalable AI and NLP Engine in use at hundreds of healthcare institutions globally
  • Matches patients to trials based on both their clinical and genomic profiles
  • Easy integration with all relevant clinical trial databases
  • Sends notifications about successful matches to all relevant members of the care team

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