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Reduce backlogs, maintain compliance, collect more data.

Our E-Path Plus software solution removes operator variability and exceeds human performance in automating the adjudication of reportable cases and pre-population of abstract forms.

Facing increasing case volume and clinical complexity, cancer registries struggle to meet the demand for real-time reporting relying on mostly manual processes.

Lack of Automation

Only 16%

Of hospitals have either automated or are considering automating their cancer registry.

Significant Backlog


Of cancer registry departments report a moderate to severe backlog in cases.

Advanced Stage Cancers

1 in 4

Hospitals are seeing more new patients with advanced-stage cancers as a result of COVID-19.

Time-Consuming Process

72 minutes

Is the average time it takes to process a report, complete tumor classification, and abstract data.

E-Path Plus is solving the problem with cancer registry reporting and data abstraction.

In the time it takes you to finish reading this sentence, our software will read a path report and pre-populate the abstract form for you.

The Current Way

  • Nearly all hospitals rely mostly on manual processes for casefinding, tumor classification, and data abstraction.
  • Automation is limited by frequent changes to reporting standards, updates to the clinical best practice guidelines, and the introduction of new clinical scientific data elements.

The Problem

  • The current cancer registry reporting and data abstraction process is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and prone to errors due to manual inefficiencies.
  • Case backlogs are prevalent due to over-extended staff struggling to maintain compliance with NCI’s SEER, government, and CoC requirements.

The Digital Future

  • Automated and real-time identification of reportable cancers.
  • Review portal for visual editing or annotation of cases at start of abstraction.
  • Automated linkage of multiple source documents related to the same patient.

Inspirata’s cancer registry automation software* elevates the role of the CTR.

Relying on its independently proven accuracy and effectiveness, E-Path Plus removes the tedious obstacles for cancer registrars to execute at scale the multitude of requests made of them for accurate and timely clinical datasets for population health, research studies, and registry reporting.

  • Automated and real-time review of HL7-formatted source documents.

  • Automated identification of reportable cancers.

  • Streamlined transfer of reportable cancer cases to local registry.

  • Review portal for visual editing or annotation of cases at start of abstraction.

  • Automated coding of extracted data elements.

  • Automated linkage of multiple source documents related to the same patient.
  • Ability to organize source documents by type and/or facility.

  • In-app link to NAACCR Data Dictionary and code tables.
  • NAACCR-standardized and custom data collection forms and output formats.

  • Adherence to government and CoC reporting requirements.

  • Computer-assisted data extraction and monitoring for quality measures or performance improvement initiatives.

  • Real-time identification of cancer conference (tumor board) cases.

  • Real-time identification of cases for nurse navigation.

E-Path Plus in Action

Get a glimpse of E-Path Plus across the world. From case studies featuring diverse healthcare systems across the United States to a presentation given by the Victorian Cancer Registry, registry teams around the world love how their workflows have been lightened after implementing E-Path Plus.