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Empower your clinical staff to focus on patient-facing activities.

Let our AI / NLP technology* do the data finding, abstraction, and matching to support your staff’s decisions.


Empower your clinical staff to focus on patient-facing activities.

Let our AI / NLP technology do the data finding, abstraction and matching to support your staff’s decisions.

Trusted by hundreds of academic medical centers, NCI-designated cancer centers, large health systems, and central registries.

In the fight against cancer, moments matter.

Reducing the time to find and report cancer cases.
Accessing critical patient data in a structured format.
Pre-screening more cancer patients for clinical trials.

Those healthcare providers’ goals can benefit from innovative and streamlined oncology informatics workflow solutions.

Inspirata leverages industry-leading AI / NLP technology to remove process inefficiencies and optimize clinical decision making. The ultimate result is more timely and relevant treatment, which should lead to better patient outcomes.

Cancer Registry Reporting and Data Abstraction

  • Real-time review of documents.

  • Automated identification of reportable cancers.

  • Automated linkage of multiple documents related to the same patient.

  • Adherence to SEER & CoC reporting requirements

Patient Pre-Screening and Matching for Clinical Trials

  • Fully automated NLP gives the most up-to-date inclusion/exclusion criteria.

  • Matching and ranking of a patient to all relevant clinical trials.

  • High-speed results delivered at the point of care.

  • Identification of cohorts of eligible patients to be reviewed for clinical trials.


Powered by Inspirata's proprietary and flexible AI / NLP built from the ground up to serve oncology-specific use cases.

Refined through a close collaboration with the National Cancer Institute’s SEER program for more than a decade, our AI / NLP technology is trusted and used by hundreds of healthcare institutions.

Our NLP engine has been independently proven to deliver 99% sensitivity and 98% specificity when applied to oncology workflows.


100% Focus on Cancer:

  • Strong domain expertise.

  • Commitment to innovating the cancer patient journey.

  • Long-standing collaboration with NCI’s SEER program and leading central cancer registries.



  • Ability to interface with all major EHR, AP/LIS, CTMS and other critical systems and data repositories.

  • Inaugural Advarra Gold API Partner.

  • The only Point-of-Care Clinical Trial Matching application listed in the Epic Connection Hub app.


Comprehensive Solution Set:

  • Decision support across the oncology ecosystem: oncologists, researchers, cancer registrars, trial coordinators, and nurse navigators.

  • Reducing inefficiencies and improving data accuracies, leading to better patient outcomes.

  • Creating access to new revenue streams for our customers.

Inspirata's Thought Leadership within the Oncology Informatics Space

Oncology informatics innovators across the globe are using Inspirata’s technology to achieve their goals. Check out the latest in conversations with these experts explaining how Inspirata’s solutions will make a difference to the future of oncology informatics workflows.