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Transforming Cancer Diagnostics

About Us

We Believe Precision Diagnosis is the Foundation of Precision Medicine

At Inspirata®, our focus is to advance the practice of pathology with solutions leveraging 21st century tools and technologies that are purpose built to accelerate cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment.

We also help cancer institutions overcome the financial barriers to adoption using our unique business and delivery model where we make the upfront capital investment in the hardware, software and storage needed to enable a cancer institution to move to a fully automated digital pathology workflow inclusive of the on premise resources needed to operate the scanning lab to convert glass slides to digital images. At the end of the engagement, the institution owns the technology assets and can hire the personnel or renew Inspirata’s contract to continue the managed services model.

We call this transformation PathologyNEXT®. It includes:

  • Integrated Anatomic and Molecular Pathology Cockpit
  • Decision Support Tools, Computational Image Analysis and Predictive Assays
  • Cancer Information Data Trust and Big Data Analytics
  • Unique Business Model that Eliminates Upfront Capital Investment and Investment Risk

The goals of implementing these solutions are to:

  • Decrease the time and cost of diagnosis by improving the pathology workflow
  • Increase diagnostic speed and accuracy with decision support tools, novel cancer detection algorithms, and prognostic and predictive assays
  • Promote innovation-driven development with our comprehensive cancer information data trust for education, research and clinical activities
  • Build new revenue streams for our partners through global telepathology and other Inspirata-led initiatives

Inspirata’s comprehensive approach facilitates precision diagnosis to build a strong foundation for precision medicine.

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