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Transform Registrar Workflows with Automated Abstracting

Take the weight off registrars’ shoulders and free their time to focus on delivering stronger clinical and business insights.

E-Path uses automation to initiate cancer data abstraction, searching structured and unstructured documents to extract cancer data elements and pre-populate abstracts in seconds.

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Automate Abstracting for Substantial Efficiency Gains

Remove Manual Processes

Save registrars time, reduce the burden of workforce shortages, and remove human error with proprietary software that automates and streamlines the abstraction process.

Ensure Compliance

Increase the timeliness and completeness of cancer abstracts using best practices that ensure concordance with ever-changing standards.

Elevate Patient Care

Enable real-time, unbiased identification of cancer patients for nurse navigation, multidisciplinary cancer conferences (MCCs), clinical trial matching, and more – producing better care and greater patient loyalty.

How It Works

Pre-populate abstracts in seconds

  1. Ingest structured and unstructured data
    E-Path receives pathology and imaging reports, disease indices, and other medical records as identified, as well as ADT from ancillary systems like LIS, RIS, billing, and HIS.
  2. Initiate abstraction in seconds
    The tool then reads, ingests and extracts 300 or more data elements from these reports.
  3. Report cancer cases with confidence
    Registrars can simply review, validate, and edit the abstract to ensure it is accurate and export reportable case files in NAACCR-compliant formats to their cancer registry data management system.

Complete Cancer Reporting Made Easy

Eliminate human error, achieve substantial efficiency gains, and achieve accurate and complete cancer reporting in real time with E-Path’s NLP-powered abstracting.