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Inspirata Approved Partner

Dynamyx™ from Inspirata affords an ‘open’ architecture purposely designed to enable healthcare providers to arrive at their preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies. Inspirata’s technical partnership with Augmentiqs serves to integrate the pathologist’s existing microscope into the modern laboratory’s digital infrastructure to see it reemerge as an integral part of any new digital strategy.


Augmentiqs has taken a microscope-centric approach to digital pathology, providing pathologists a cost-efficient and low-data method for realizing clinical and workflow enhancements. Augmentiqs is changing the entire concept of digital pathology by enabling access to toolsets within the classic workflow, including artificial intelligence and computer-assisted diagnosis. By creating a digital pathology ecosystem within the existing microscope, Augmentiqs is truly redefining digital pathology.

Questions about the Inspirata and Augmentiqs partnership?


Augmentiqs transforms the existing microscope into a platform for digital pathology. It integrates the traditional microscope into a laboratory’s digital strategy, allowing Inspirata customers to connect their microscope to Dynamyx™ and further leverage their investments in both their traditional and digital workflows. By creating a digital pathology ecosystem within the existing micrsoscope, high-throughput laboratories can now take advantage of an intuitive and real-time delivery of rich data and important contextual information directly within their microscope.

The benefits to the laboratory of this hybrid approach are:

  • Synchronization of both microscope and digital files to facilitate image capture and to provide an augmented reality digital overlay on the glass specimen itself.
  • The ability to save histopathology images and metadata from across the entire microscope workflow directly within the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
  • A means to display digital data within the microscope.
  • Real-time telepathology via an existing microscope provision.
Augmentiqs Solution Microscope


Augmentiqs integrates within existing microscopes, connecting the pathologist’s microscope to their computer and transforming the microscope into a connected device. Augmentiqs maintains normal viewing of the optical plane of the microscope while utilizing a high-resolution camera to capture a live view of the tissue, displays real-time digital information in the eyepiece as augmented reality, and automatically tracks stage activity.

The partnership with Inspirata stems from our shared passion to see digital pathology genuinely help clinicians. Combining our technologies is a thrilling prospect for the future of pathology.
– Gabe Siegel
CEO, Augmentiqs


Questions about the Inspirata and Augmentiqs partnership?

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