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Inspirata® is helping pathology departments embrace the future of digital pathology with our fully automated and integrated workflow and unique Solution-as-a-Service business model that enables cancer institutions to address the growing demand for cancer diagnostic products and services. Our revolutionary approach accelerates adoption, enhances productivity, reduces costs, and generates new revenue streams and market leadership in digital pathology.

Solution-as-a-Service Business Model

Under our unique business model, Inspirata assumes significant financial risk by making the upfront capital investment in the hardware, data storage and software needed to enable a cancer institution to move to a fully automated digital pathology workflow. We also provide all of the integration services and on premise resources needed to operate the digital pathology scan lab and workflow. At the end of the term, the institution owns all of the technology assets and can hire the personnel or renew Inspirata’s contract.


New Revenue Streams

Inspirata’s solution facilitates new revenue through telepathology for second opinions and consultations, and extends the institution’s reach globally. An additional revenue opportunity comes from intellectual property developed through sponsored research. Translation of this research into marketable products benefits the institution and its investigators.

Precision Pathology & Big Data

The reason Inspirata is willing to assume the financial risk is our interest in quantifying vital image-based information derived from the glass slides. This de-identified data is used to feed our pipeline of detection, diagnostic, theragnostic and prognostic algorithms that ultimately can help predict cancer progression and patient responses to therapies. In tandem, we are building an extensive repository of histology, radiology and other diagnostic image modalities along with the associated de-identified patient records for use in teaching and research. With Inspirata’s support, the institution can build its own database and its pathologists will be able to access the predictive algorithms via the cockpit.



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