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Dynamyx: Transformative Consulting

As cancer care increases in complexity, the value of collaboration and second opinions continues to grow. Dynamyx capitalizes
on the versatility of connected technology to efficiently and securely enable pathologists to remotely collaborate in real time or share cases to be reviewed anytime.


Real-Time Collaboration


Case Sharing

Synchronized Viewing with Real-Time Collaboration™

With our solution, pathologists can:

  • Share expertise, not just an image or case, in real-time with one or more collaborating users.
  • Engage in peer-to-peer interaction across distances by swapping control of the image so that any pathologist can highlight areas of interest while the others observe.
  • Simplify the process of getting a formal or informal second opinion by eliminating the need to physically package and mail slides and case files.
  • Communicate with peers by capturing collaboration notes in the Evidence Tray™.
  • Enable remote care pathways and increase specialist access.

Case Sharing

With our solution, pathologists can:

  • Share entire cases with WSIs, case history, gross descriptions, notes and attached information or images./li>
  • Share identified case information within your trusted network or de-identified cases with anyone