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Consultation Portal

Industry’s leading Web-based application

Consultation Portal

Inspirata’s Consultation Portal is the industry’s leading Web-based application for requesting and receiving second opinions and QA reviews within a single health system or between separate health systems.

Available as a standalone portal or as part of Inspirata’s Digital Pathology Cockpit, the fully customizable, white-labeled Consultation Portal enables institutions anywhere in the world to log into custom-branded portals to send cases to your hospital network for second opinions, quality reviews or consultations.

Users on both the sending and receiving side of the consultation transaction can quickly, easily and intuitively use the system. Email alerts and instant messaging provide rapid communication between the parties throughout the process.

  • Inbound Consultation

    Inbound Consultation

    Pathologists can log into the Consultation Portal to view assigned cases, review case information, including Whole Slide Images and attached documentation. They can quickly and easily communicate with the sender, and draft and sign out consult letters.

  • Outbound Consultation

    Outbound Consultation

    Pathologists can use the portal to send their own cases out for consultation to sub-specialty pathologists who are located inside your hospital network or outside your hospital network. The system is also an efficient way to conduct quality assurance and to enhance diagnostic accuracy.

Your case manager reviews and assigns all consultation cases, including the following tasks:

  • Review cases (case information, slides, attachments, messages, etc.) to ensure all of the necessary information has been submitted and proper case assignment can be made
  • Set case priority
  • Assign cases to appropriate specialist
  • Create and manage case tags

After logging into the Consultation Portal using his or her secure credentials, the consulting pathologist can review and manage the assigned consultation cases, performing the following tasks:

  • Review case information
  • View Whole Slide Images
  • Access attached files (pdf, jpeg)
  • Send and receive informal messages
  • Create and manage public/private tags
  • Request case reassignment or directly reassign cases (depending upon rules/permissions)
  • Draft consultation letters
  • Finalize and sign out consultation letters

The Consultation Portal is completely configurable, therefore, the institution can control the branding elements and can set parameters for all user roles and permissions.