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Academic Research Projects

Inspirata is a digital pathology workflow, cancer diagnostics and data analytics company, with added strategic interest in creating a centrally curated Cancer Information Data Trust (“CIDT”).  The company works with academic institutions and forward thinking Principal Investigators to sponsor relevant projects, and offers a full alignment of financial incentives.

The significant specific expertise from the sponsored organization and the substantial financial sponsorship and provision of resources provided by Inspirata results in a mutual ownership of the resultant intellectual property.

Inspirata shall be responsible for all costs of preparing, filing, prosecuting and maintaining all patent applications and patents associated with the developed intellectual property.

The Process

  1. Execution of Inspirata’s Master Sponsored Research Agreement
  2. Creation of a detailed Statement of Work containing a full description of the project and the specific activities to be undertaken by both the Institution and Inspirata.
  3. Creation of an agreed Project Budget.  Inspirata will make payments towards the direct costs of, Salaries, Fringe Benefits, IT support and access and equipment.  Inspirata’s maximum Indirect Cost Rate is 20%