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Placing Vision and Strategy at the Forefront

BY Satish Sanan. March 11, 2015

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Attributes of Building a Successful Company

My name is Satish Sanan. I am Chairman and CEO of Inspirata.

I am a businessman, I am a serial entrepreneur, I am a technologist, but I am not a physician or a scientist. I do not have a board of directors in this company because I really don’t believe that anyone can come and tell me how to run the business. It is a company which is built upon a single board of director, and that’s me. But what I do need is help in terms of a vision and strategy. So I need the best of breed scientist. I need the best of breed computer vision scientist. I need the best pathologist in the business and those who understand all of that, and also the power of data that is related to it. So we have built a strategic advisory board which touches all of those four areas. The best pathologists, the best computer vision scientists, people who are building the big data, particularly in the area of cancer diagnostics and last but not least, some very successful and influential entrepreneurs who have built technology related to this area and have successfully taken it to the market.

So I have surrounded myself with these people to really validate my strategy and I recently had a board meeting and asked them, “you are here not to tell me how to run the business, but you are here to tell me am I right on with my vision and strategy? Are our tools and technologies and innovative solutions that we are building and taking to market, can you validate those for me? Would you buy it if we build it? And most importantly, if we commercialize it, how should we go about commercialization?” In the United States we are somewhat constrained with the FDA and the reimbursement processes. So there is a way to take these solutions to market and the rest of the world, which is not regulated. There is a stream of revenue that we can generate.

I want to make sure that I surround myself with the people who have done this before with other technologies and they understand that. That, I believe, is the main reason for assembling the best of breed strategic advisory board members.

Inspirata’s CEO, Satish Sanan, is a successful entrepreneur. Learn more about Satish Sanan and his vision to transform cancer diagnostics by visiting:

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