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An Opportunity to Develop and Adopt Digital Pathology

BY Mark Lloyd. March 11, 2015

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Partnerships with Comprehensive Cancer Centers

My name is Mark Lloyd. I’m a lead scientist, executive vice president and founder of Inspirata.

Clinical adoption has been a challenge in digital technology, and yet our vision, we believe, is unique and different than any others in that it provides a comprehensive cancer center an opportunity to develop and adopt digital pathology at a pace which makes sense for the pathology department, for the physicians and the patients.

The challenges of adoption include FDA approval, as well as the simple change from technologies. A microscope has been around for a hundred years in pathology and the digital change is significant for them, yet the advantages are numerous and the benefit provided to pathologists, to be able to enhance their workflow and do their work more quickly are very important and realized by pathologists today.

Due to the fact that pathologists have more cases than they can handle today, speed is very critical. To be able to push a digital image as rapidly as a physician pushes glass is a significant feat and one that’s not been successful in the digital pathology marketplace today. However, we have a complete solution which allows pathologists to access all of their information rapidly, inclusive of the digital image and we believe that the entire process is really beneficial in speeding the time to diagnosis for pathologists.

Inspirata’s goals are to decrease the time and cost of diagnosis by improving the pathologist’s workflow; increasing diagnostic accuracy with novel cancer detection algorithms and prognostic and predictive assays; promoting innovation-driven development with our comprehensive cancer information data trust for education, research and clinical activities; and build new revenue streams for our partners through global telepathology and other initiatives. Learn more at

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Mark Lloyd

Dr. Lloyd is the Lead Scientist, Executive VP and Founder of Inspirata. He founded Inspirata with the vision of developing and delivering innovative solutions to transform cancer diagnostics. Every pa... Learn More