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Inspirata Approved Partner

Dynamyx™ from Inspirata affords an ‘open’ architecture purposely designed to enable healthcare providers to arrive at their preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies. Inspirata’s technical partnership with MindPeak ensures the seamless integration of its BreastIHC image analysis solution into Dynamyx™.

MindPeak is Germany’s leader for AI-solutions for pathologists. The demand for medical image analysis is growing rapidly but the number of pathologists remains the same – this results in growing workloads per specialist.

We help pathologists meet this challenge. Our tools assist pathologists in providing reliable and reproducible diagnoses. This frees specialists from tedious, repetitive tasks such as quantification of cells or biomarkers and allows them to focus on tasks where their human expertise is indispensable. Explainable AI results provide the required trust of pathologists into our tools. We partner with leading pathology institutes and university labs. Our team consists of world-class industry experts in machine learning and company building.

Questions about the Inspirata and MindPeak partnership?


MindPeak’s AI solutions are now available in Inspirata’s Dynamyx™ platform. The combination of Inspirata’s leading platform and MindPeak’s ability to deliver real-time and robust diagnosis support enables a seamless application of Artificial Intelligence in the histopathological workflow.

MindPeak’s BreastIHC is targeted towards clinical routines and is based on a unique artificial intelligence that has been tailored to accommodate the strong image variations in practical settings across labs, as well as differences in slide preparation and stainings. BreastIHC works with images derived from most leading manufacturers of whole-slide image scanners.

MINDPEAK’S BREASTIHC Pathologists have to solve repetitive quantification tasks every day. While not challenging for the expert, such tasks are tedious and error-prone. MindPeak’s BreastIHC AI eases the life of pathologists through assisted image analysis for cell quantification in routine diagnosis which analyzes and counts cells for breast cancer IHC stainings Ki67, ER, PR. Results are made explainable by visualizing single-cell classifications in the image for control by the human expert. Results can be exported to the lab information and management system. BreastIHC works out-of-the-box without parameterization and can differentiate between tumorous and non-tumorous cells.
Inspirata and MindPeak’s vision is to bring Digital pathology and Artificial intelligence to the hands of pathologists. I am very happy about this partnership as it will bring us forward a lot towards this goal.
– Felix Faber, CEO & Founder, MindPeak


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BreastIHC is currently for research use only.

Questions about the Inspirata and MindPeak partnership?

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