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Inspirata Approved Partner

Dynamyx™ from Inspirata affords an ‘open’ architecture purposely designed to enable healthcare providers to arrive at their preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies. Inspirata’s technical partnership with Mikroscan ensures the seamless integration of their SL5 and L5 whole-slide image (WSI) scanners with Dynamyx™.

Mikroscan has been partnering with the pathology community for over a decade, providing technology-enabled products and services that increase a pathologist’s reach, remove barriers to workload efficiency, and enable new discoveries. Their solutions are utilized in hospitals, clinics, universities, and research institutions all over the world. From mobile MOHS labs to medical schools, their technology serves a variety of applications in anatomic pathology, veterinary pathology, teaching, and research settings. Deployed on tablet, laptop, and desktop systems, Mikroscan’s local and cloud-based solutions address some of the most challenging issues associated with pathology today.

Questions about the Inspirata and Mikroscan partnership?


Together, Inspirata and Mikroscan offer users a complete digital pathology solution focused on allowing pathologists to efficiently and accurately evaluate slides remotely, hastening case turnaround time and enhancing care.

Mikroscan’s high-quality optics for slide scanning and live, remote viewing, combined with Inspirata’s powerful Dynamyx™ case management software, greatly enhance frozen section, fine needle aspirate, and dermatopathology evaluation, ultimately providing excellent decision support for diagnoses.

Inspirata Partner Mikroscan


The Mikroscan family of telemicroscopy and digital pathology solutions are compact, portable, affordable, and easy to use, allowing organizations of any size with any need to practice digital pathology.

Mikroscan’s L5 real-time telemicroscopy system is a robotic microscope designed for a remote, comprehensive, traditional microscope evaluation of the original glass slide specimen.

The SL5 is a dual-mode system that offers the real-time telemicroscopy capabilities of the L5 system as well as a static digital pathology * scanning mode for the creation of digitized tissue samples.

We are excited to be working with Inspirata and ultimately supporting their mission to provide cancer informatics that drive informed decisions.

– Martin Stuart
President & CEO


*The Mikroscan SL5 Real-Time Telemicroscopy and Digital Pathology System and L5 Real-Time Telemicroscopy System are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Questions about the Inspirata and Mikroscan partnership?

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