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Inspirata Approved Partner

Dynamyx™ from Inspirata provides an ‘open’ architecture purposely designed to enable healthcare providers to arrive at their preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies. Inspirata’s technical partnership with Ibex Medical Analytics ensures the seamless integration of the Ibex Second Read™, a CE-marked AI-based application that supports pathologists diagnosing cancer.
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The pioneer in applying computational pathology to cancer diagnostics, Ibex used artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to develop clinical grade solutions that can identify cancer as accurately as a human pathologist.

Ibex’s algorithms help pathologists analyze biopsy images, identify cancerous tissue and can also grade the cancer and identify other clinically significant features. The analysis is presented to pathologists after reviewing the case, helping them reduce error rates and improve operational efficiency by reducing the average time spent on a case while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. Currently deployed in pathology labs and used for breast and prostate biopsies, with additional applications and tissue types expected during 2020.

Questions about the Inspirata and Ibex partnership?


Inspirata and Ibex customers can now use artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce error rates and increase operational efficiency. The Ibex Second Read™ application, now integrated into and operating from within Inspirata’s digital pathology solution analyses prostate biopsy images, identifies cancerous tissue and alerts in case of any discrepancy between its findings and the physician’s report.

The combination of Dynamyx™ and the Ibex Second Read™ affords:

  • Seamless integration and full access to all capabilities on a single platform.
  • Quality control of 100% of biopsy reports.
  • Reduced diagnostic error rates.
  • Increased operational efficiency.


The first-ever AI-based cancer diagnosis solution in a pathology lab, the CE-Marked Ibex Second Read™ application has already demonstrated success in identifying missed prostate cancer cases. The Second Read™ application analyses biopsies using AI-based algorithms, searching for cancerous tissue and various other anomalies.

This is performed with no impact on the pathologist’s workflow. Once the pathologist diagnoses a case, the application compares its findings with the pathologists and alerts in case of high probability discrepancies between the two.

The exciting news for our mutual customers is where an appetite to embrace image analysis tools exists, one can be up and running almost immediately given the open nature of Inspirata’s platform.
– Tal Frieman, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Ibex Medical Analayics


Questions about the Inspirata and Ibex partnership?

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