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Inspirata Approved Partner

Dynamyx™ from Inspirata affords an ‘open’ architecture purposely designed to enable healthcare providers to arrive at their preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies. Inspirata’s technical partnership with Flagship Biosciences ensures the seamless integration of TissueInsight™ into Dynamyx™.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, Flagship Biosciences, Inc. is a technology-driven tissue analysis services company delivering the most accurate and informative data available. Flagship Biosciences is revolutionizing tissue analysis to improve drug development and diagnostics using the power of AI with a consultative approach. Its services and technology dramatically improve on the data and interpretation from traditional pathology methods, eliminating variability associated with typical tissue assessments, and bringing new insights to tissue analysis results. Providing expert scientific consultation for every client, the Flagship Biosciences team interpret results, contextualizes tissue biology, and identifies the best course for success.

Questions about the Inspirata and Flagship Bio partnership?


Inspirata and Flagship Biosciences provide clinicians with a seamless, fully-automated PD-L1 solution. TissueInsight™, in conjunction with Dynamyx™, offers significant advantages over manual slide review.  These include:

  • Affording a quantitative PD-L1 score with higher accuracy and precision than would otherwise be achievable via a manual review.
  • The provision of data on the tissue microenvironment, inclusive of TIL’s and macrophages, to help inform the oncologist when administering care to patients representing complex cases.
  • Workflow efficiencies.  With the TissueInsight PD-L1 result CLIA reportable, it enables the local pathologist to focus on clinical casework.
  • Ease of use, with no upfront investment, internal development, or validation required.


TissueInsight™ leverages artificial intelligence technology developed by Flagship Biosciences to generate gold standard PD-L1 results plus information regarding the tissue microenvironment. TissueInsight™ is easy to use and fits within your normal workflow. Simply send a digital image of a PD-L1 slide to Flagship Biosciences and receive back a CLIA reportable result.

A TissueInsight™ report is both comprehensive and easy to read. The first page covers the CLIA reportable PD-L1 result. The second page provides research use only data on the tissue microenvironment, while the third page provides a list of references from the clinical literature.

Our goal is to provide a more streamlined workflow for pathologists as well as provide more insight for oncologists through our computational services. We’re pleased to be partnering with Inspirata to advance the state of diagnostics through the use of image analysis.

– Trevor Johnson
Flagship Biosciences


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Flagship Biosciences, licensed under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment of 1988 (“CLIA”), is authorized to provide diagnostic laboratory services. 

In addition, Flagship Biosciences is College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited.”

Questions about the Inspirata and Flagship Bio partnership?

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