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Inspirata Approved Partner

Dynamyx™ from Inspirata affords an ‘open’ architecture purposely designed to enable healthcare providers to arrive at their preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies. Inspirata’s technical partnership with Deep Bio sees the seamless integration of DeepDx® Prostate, a clinically validated and lab-tested AI for prostate cancer, within Dynamyx™.


Deep Bio Inc., based in Seoul, South Korea, is an AI biotech company with in-house expertise in deep learning, pathology, life sciences, and pharmacotherapeutics. As the country’s first to obtain KFDA approval in an AI-based cancer pathology solution, Deep Bio envisions a suite of AI-based IVD SaMDs (In Vitro Diagnostics Software as a Medical Device) for diagnosis and prognosis of multiple cancers.

Founded in 2015, Deep Bio Inc. continues to collaborate with top medical centers in Korea and the US on multiple cancers and tissue types including prostate, breast, and the bladder, among others.

Deep Bio values mutual respect and trust, and personal growth guided by self-management. With the latest funding in 2020, the company is growing in size and has recently expanded to AI drug discovery and development, as well as digital health service.

Questions about the Inspirata and Deep Bio partnership?


Shared Inspirata and Deep Bio customers can now access DeepDx® Prostate through Inspirata’s industry-leading digital pathology case management software Dynamyx.

  • Whole-slide image (WSI) of H&E-stained prostate core needle biopsy tissue is analyzed for cancer, Gleason scores and grade group.
  • Gleason patterns are visualized in colors with gland-level segmentation.
  • Proportion of each Gleason pattern is quantified as a percentage of the total tumor area; tumor length and ratio are also quantified.
  • Use cases are extensive, including first read, concurrent read, quality control and R&D.

 cancer, within Dynamyx™.


DeepDx® Prostate is a clinically-validated AI for prostate core needle biopsy tissue image analysis. Whole-slide images (WSIs) of H&E-stained biopsy tissue specimens are analyzed for prostate cancer, Gleason scores and grade group. Extensively tested at a US CLIA lab (>240k cores in 2020), DeepDx® Prostate can alleviate the shortage of pathologists and the resultant increase in workload, while reducing diagnostic subjectivity and variability.

Use Cases:

  1. First Read
  2. Concurrent Read
  3. Quality Control
  4. Research and Development

Key Features:

  1. Color-visualize and gland-level segmentation of cancer areas based on the Gleason scoring system.
  2. Auto-quantify proportion of each Gleason pattern out of the total tumor area. 
  3. Auto-quantify tumor length and tumor ratio.  
Deep Bio’s partnership with Inspirata brings us one step closer to our vision of supporting pathologists and oncologists with timely and accurate diagnosis and prognosis, for better treatment decision-making. We believe our AI-powered DeepDx is a powerful addition to the seamless and integrated clinical workflow afforded by Dynamyx.

– Sun Woo Kim
Deep Bio Inc



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Dynamyx is CE-marked per Annex III of Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

In the USA, Dynamyx is for research use only (RUO) and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

The DeepDx® platform is a Research Use Only device in the United States and is not cleared by the FDA.

Certain solutions and applications under the DeepDx® platform are CE-Marked and received regulatory approval in the Republic of Korea. Contact Deep Bio for more information.

Questions about the Inspirata and Deep Bio partnership?

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