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Dynamyx™ from Inspirata affords an ‘open’ architecture purposely designed to enable healthcare providers to arrive at their preferred blend of laboratory and diagnostic technologies. Inspirata’s technical partnership with ensures the seamless integration of its Helicobacter Pylori Decision Support System within Dynamyx™.

DeePathology offers the DeePathology STUDIO™, a revolutionary Do It Yourself platform that enables pathologists and researchers to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based solutions through the provision of cell and objects detection and classification and region segmentation functionality. DeePathology also offers customized AI solutions for digital pathology.
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Questions about the Inspirata and DeePathology partnership?


Inspirata and DeePathology customers can now avail a full solution for the routine diagnosis of H.Pylori (HP) via the utilization of DeePathology’s proprietary HP Detector (AI) Decision Support System within Dynamyx™.

Scanning and upload of gastric biopsy slides to Inspirata’s intelligent workflow software sees images automatically read by the DeePathology Decision Support System, and specific areas consistent with HP detected and ranked. The likely presence of HP is then flagged for the pathologist’s attention via a report made immediately available within Dynamyx™ with the aim of safely accelerating the diagnostic process and contributing to reporting accuracy.

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DeePathology H. Pylori


The detection of HP in H&E and Giemsa stained gastric biopsies are common and yet frequently time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, relevant bacteria can be missed. DeePathology set about addressing this challenge by developing a highly-innovative, AI-based automated software solution focused on gastric biopsies.

Using state of the art deep-learning and image analysis techniques, DeePathology’s software quickly scans the entire gastric whole slide image and presents in just a few seconds the regions most likely to feature HP. This helps focus the pathologist’s efforts on key areas of interest and empowers them to arrive at an informed decision much quicker and with higher levels of accuracy than typical analog methods.

Inspirata represent tremendous friends to DeePathology as exemplified at a technical level by the ease of our integration, and at a leadership level as reflected in their proactivity to bring us on board as partners.

– Chen Sagiv
DeePathology Co-Founder and Co-CEO,


DeePathology Studio™ is for research use only.

Questions about the Inspirata and DeePathology partnership?

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