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 ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ –  Aristotle

Together with our partners—which include both vendors and customers—Inspirata® is delivering on the promise and value afforded by digital pathology … not solely through incremental advances in technology, but with a transformative approach to institutional adoption. We have partnered with leaders in digital imaging, technology infrastructure, data capture and reporting and industry associations to deliver the best that digital pathology has to offer.


Philips and Inspirata have entered into a partnership that spans joint development, as well as joint sales and marketing agreements. The goal of this broad relationship is to advance digital pathology through image analytics and automated digital pathology workflows offered through a managed service model. Focusing initially on the needs of U.S. cancer centers, the creation of improved insights and algorithms will aid pathologists with better- informed decision making.

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Dell/EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping organizations store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset – information – in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. Dell/EMC’s cloud, big data and storage platforms enable Inspirata to provide its customers with fast and easy access to the large data stores required for its image-based workflow and digital pathology cockpit. Inspirata’s solutions leverage Dell/EMC’s broad portfolio of on-premise and advanced cloud solutions. As a result, Inspirata’s digital pathology workflow solution can support higher image storage capacities, more easily scale as customers’ needs increase, and can provide a faster, more automated and secure approach to archiving.


VisionTek® M6 Digital Microscope is the only robotic imaging system that pathologists can use like a conventional microscope to view live up to 4 slides simultaneously or to view multiple areas of the same slide with time to view under 17 seconds.  To learn more, visit


Digital Pathology Association (DPA)

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The Digital Pathology Association (DPA) is a not-for-profit organization comprised of pathologists, scientists, technologists and representatives from the industry that focus on facilitating education and awareness of digital pathology applications in healthcare and life sciences. Members are encouraged to share best practices and promote the use of technology amongst colleagues in order to demonstrate efficiencies, awareness, and its ultimate benefits to patient care. To learn more visit



Huron Digital Pathology Tissue Scope™ LE Slide Scanner provides one of the best-in-class brightfield images for slides of all sizes. It can scan up to twelve 1×3 inch brightfield slides at once, or image a variety of standard, or custom, slide sizes up to 6×8 inches. To learn more, visit



Mikroscan’s SL5 is the fastest and most compact imaging device in its class, fits easily onto a desktop and requires minimal IT interface and user training. It is the cost-effective choice for pathologists who require an entry-level live telepathology and whole slide imaging solution. Its dual mode design combines the flexibility of a remotely controlled robotic microscope and a fast whole slide digital pathology system. To learn more, visit



mTuitive, Inc. develops data capture and synoptic reporting software to assist healthcare professionals in recording clinical findings and maintaining compliance with established protocols and guidelines. mTuitive’s CAP eFRM software enables pathology departments to capture and maintain structured diagnostic data and produce synoptic reports for anatomic pathology specimen findings. It is fully compliant with the College of American Pathologists’ (CAP) Cancer Protocols for Cancer Program Accreditation and Lab Accreditation Inspections. Inspirata uses CAP eFRM for synoptic reporting in its Digital Pathology Cockpit. Having synoptic reporting software in Inspirata’s Digital Pathology Cockpit will enable pathologists to focus more of their time on the diagnostic process vs. trying to reconcile information across systems prior to completing their reports. It also offers the added value of creating discrete mineable data for cancer registries and databases.



The Glissando™ scanner from Objective Imaging delivers fast, high quality whole slide image acquisition in an affordable package. The compact footprint and simple, intuitive user interface make the Glissando scanner the ideal platform for quick scanning of standard microscope slides. To learn more, visit


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