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An Opportunity to Bring Images Into the Diagnostic Decision

BY Ulysses Balis. February 20, 2015

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Leveraging the Power of Pathology Informatics

I am Ul Balis, I am the Chair of the Strategic Advisory Board of Inspirata.

Specifically with respect to Inspirata’s differentiating factor of knowledge management, and how it can add value to patients and their oncologists, one aspect of our central data philosophy is the use of images and specifically, histology images of patients’ tumors… of their malignancies… which really hold all their biological information associated with that cancer and with the biological processes. If you look at the current offerings across the market both in academia and the industry, often the image data is either completely ignored or only used trivially as passive data that you can look at the images. Whereas, we hold centrally that the images are, in fact, a very actionable treasure trove of information that can be mined and then further processed to inform of best treatment, in addition to all the very valuable data that is being captured now such as genomics and proteomics. So we have acknowledged that all the other revolutions in data are very valuable but we recognize a critically important missing gap in the repertoire, which is images. And by having images as our central focus point and then adding to that salient and appropriate additional types of information, we can provide a comprehensive set of actionable information to the patient and their oncologist, which hopefully transcends the standard fair of goods in terms of actionable information. So it is an opportunity to bring images into the diagnostic decision.

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Ulysses Balis

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