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Inspirata Announces Platinum Sponsorship of NCRA 2021
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Tampa, Florida / June 3, 2021 / GlobeNewswire – Cancer informatics provider Inspirata announced today that it is a Platinum Sponsor of the 47th Annual National Cancer Registrars Association (NCRA) Educational Conference, taking place virtually from June 3rd to June 5th. This year’s theme, “Driving Data into the Future,” reflects the critical role cancer registrars play in capturing the data that informs cancer prevention and screening programs, treatment, and research.

As part of its partnership with NCRA, Inspirata will be hosting a virtual booth where conference attendees can speak to an Inspirata representative and learn more about the E-Path suite of cancer reporting and data abstraction solutions. The virtual booth features tools that allow conference attendees to explore the benefits of E-Path and E-Path Plus and a peek into how Inspirata’s NLP/AI technology allows for better insights across healthcare operations with the automated extraction of discrete data.

“During National Cancer Registrars Week in April, we ran a survey within the cancer registry community and asked what makes them proud to be cancer registrars. The inspirational verbatims we received from that survey revealed the passion and gravity with which this community views its work,” said Dr. Steve Keresztes, Vice President and Head of Oncology Informatics at Inspirata. “We’re honored to be serving the cancer registry community by offering time-saving and productivity-improving cutting-edge AI/NLP automated technology.”

About Inspirata

Inspirata, Inc. helps patients fighting cancer—and the clinicians they trust—to make every moment matter. We are an oncology informatics company that offers several innovative software solutions leveraging scalable AI and NLP in the clinical trial and cancer registry spaces. Refined over two decades in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and used by hundreds of healthcare institutions globally, our proprietary NLP engine is at the heart of Trial Navigator, our growing suite of fully automated clinical trial matching solutions, and E-Path Plus, our industry-leading cancer registry reporting and data abstraction solution. To learn more, visit

Inspirata Contact:

Emil Mladenov
Vice President of Corporate and Digital Marketing
Tel: +1-813-570-8914

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