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The Impact of Informed Detection

BY Michael Feldman. February 20, 2015

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The Impact of Informed Detection on Physicians

This is Mike Feldman. I am an associate professor of pathology at the University of Pennsylvania. I practice surgical pathology and I also direct the division of informatics in our pathology department.

The beauty of actually bringing the slides into a computer is that we then bring the power of computational image analysis to an hundred year old workflow. And the ability of the computer to actually enhance what I do gets magnified yet another time. Not just by aggregating information but now allowing the computer to begin to visually assist, visually provide cues, visually identify information for me. So the ability to scan a slide and look for critical events, it’s not just me looking at it but now it’s a computer algorithm. So the two together provide an additional layer that enhances and goes beyond just what the human can do.

We typically spend a lot of time looking at cases where half of the slides don’t have anything on them but we have to look at every slide to identify whether or not there is something abnormal. So an informed detection algorithm that has already looked at the slide and has told me with a hundred percent confidence that there is nothing there, I’ll look at that slide very quickly but then I’ll get to spend more time on the slides where there are positive events. So I’m not ignoring the negative slides, what I’m doing is triaging and spending more time on the more difficult slides that really require the expert knowledge that I have, that the computer doesn’t have. So it’s a first pass to screen through and reduce the less relevant slides and allows me to focus my attention on the more challenging problems that are present in the positive slides.

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