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Digital Pathology Evolution Through Informatics and Big Data

BY Ulysses Balis. February 20, 2015

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Digital Pathology Evolution Through Informatics and Big Data

I am Ul Balis, I am the Chair of the Strategic Advisory Board of Inspirata.

When considering the value of pathology and informatics, one has to consider the practice of pathology as a greater whole. Unlike many medical specialties, our primary product is information. If you look at information in the context of the modern practice of medicine, it is not just generating it but delivering it, and more importantly confirming that the delivery information has been done correctly and completely. Informatics is central to the management of knowledge and the distribution of knowledge. Knowledge is really the lingua franca of external communication with all of our clinical specialists who depend on information that we generate. Informatics allows for the structured and timely and accurate delivery of this information. In terms of the areas of informatics that have the greatest potential for expansion and adoption in the near term, one looks at big data: the fact that we are generating more information than we ever have before. Raw information is not as medically actionable or useful as info which has been appropriately processed, interpreted, and then restructured for consumption by interested groups: patients, care providers and oncologist working with their patients. The ability to use the informatics to process that information in a way that is medically actionable, is key.

Inspirata is using Big Data Analytics to unlock real-world patient data from various cancer centers and deliver the de-identified data insights to physicians, researchers, patients and administrators to advance cancer knowledge, treatment and patient outcomes. Learn more at

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Ulysses Balis

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