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Cancer Information Data Trust

A multi-institutional, multi-modal, big data repository

Turning Cancer Data into Knowledge

Inspirata’s Cancer Information Data Trust™ (CIDT) is a cancer big data platform that securely ingests, structures and manages clinical data, diagnostic images, anatomic and molecular pathology reports, genomic testing results, treatment protocols, therapeutic responses, associated operational and administrative data and patient outcomes.

The CIDT has been the focus of Inspirata’s founding vision to have a global impact on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer by identifying the right treatment for the right patient at the right time. A key portion of the CIDT data set is derived from Inspirata’s digital pathology workflow solution employed at major cancer centers in the U.S. and abroad. This data is enriched with other relevant clinical, operational and administrative data collected throughout the patient’s journey from initial examination, through treatment to outcome and survivorship. The process of data enrichment also includes extracting unstructured clinical information from physician notes and other text-based documents.

This aggregated and structured data can then be used for clinical decision support, research, clinical trial matching, drug discovery, population health, as well as patient awareness and education. Users can query the CIDT through specific role-based portals where they can access and analyze rich data sets using powerful analytic and insightful visualization tools.

CIDT Diagram

The CIDT is the only cancer-specific big data initiative that includes a full range of diagnostic test results and diagnostic images, including whole slide images, alongside the patient’s clinical history to provide a complete longitudinal view of their cancer—from initial symptoms, through testing, biopsy, surgery, unique tumor characteristics, treatment planning and long-term response. The CIDT enables cancer centers and hospitals to:

  • Empower data-driven patient programs
  • Improve patient enrollment in clinical trials
  • Collect and visualize quality metrics
  • Understand costs and quality of cancer care
  • Expand oncology service line
  • Benchmark against peer institutions
  • Optimize cancer registry and regulatory reporting workflows
  • Define and manage cohorts for clinical or research studies
  • Assess drug utilization and costs
  • Reduce administrative/operational costs
  • Improve population health management

Capture Relevant Clinical Data

To improve data aggregation and access clinical systems, the Cancer Information Data Trust leverages its CIDT.Connect integration engine to integrate and standardize relevant clinical data from disparate systems while ensuring HIPAA compliance, data quality, data security and data governance.

Create Discrete, Analysis-Ready Clinical Data

With estimates of more than 60-80% of clinical information stored in free-form narrative text, the Cancer Information Data Trust employs CIDT.Structure, a powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) tool that extracts discrete and relevant clinical data elements and insights from unstructured clinical documents to render data elements searchable, minable and, therefore, usable.

Gain Precision Medicine Insights

The Cancer Information Data Trust can access and integrate with precision medicine knowledgebases, such as Inspirata’s Crosswalk Insight™: Oncology platform, to provide access to high-quality curated reference information that can be used for cancer pathway review and identification of approved targeted therapies and open clinical trials.

Identify Patient Cohorts and Trends

The Cancer Information Data Trust can identify patient cohorts matching specific clinical and demographic criteria. This includes aggregating longitudinal clinical data associated with those cases, providing in-depth diagnostic information and images to fully characterize tumors, as well as recognizing and highlighting motifs or trends for research and clinical trial enrollment, method development, or population health studies.

View Patient Longitudinal Timeline

Visualizing the patient’s journey with cancer—from initial examination through diagnosis, surgery, treatment plans, responses to therapies, outcomes and survivorship—makes the Cancer Information Data Trust an invaluable resource for clinical decision making, quality improvement, clinical trials enrollment, research studies and patient education.

Use Gold-Standard Technology

Leveraging industry-leading big data technologies orchestrated through a multi-tier, services-oriented architecture, the Cancer Information Data Trust ensures secure data ingestion, de-identification, standardization, management, analytics, presentation and governance.



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