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Sales Development Manager

Location: Toronto, ON | Washington, DC | Pittsburgh, PA | Tampa, FL

Position Description:

Are you a self-starter and a creative problem-solver who never gives up until you reach your objectives? Do you want to manage a team of ambitious and smart sales development reps? Do you know how to use sales analytics to your and your team’s advantage?

If you answered a solid yes to the questions above and would like to work for a dynamic software company with industry-leading solutions that are revolutionizing how healthcare organizations access clinical insights about their cancer patients, then you should consider this great opportunity for a Sales Development Manager at Inspirata.

The Sales Development Manager will report to the Vice President and Head of the global Inspirata Marketing and Lead-Generation team. The role will be responsible for the following tasks critical to the success of Inspirata’s sales and marketing efforts:

1. Manage a Sales Development team on a day-to-day basis:

  • Conduct morning standups to evaluate previous day performance, discuss goals for the day, solve challenges
  • Write and update call scripts / SDR email templates
  • Monitor SDRs’ live calls and emails; and provide feedback on the spot
  • Assign inbound leads to SDRs
  • Assist SDRs in qualifying/disqualifying leads
  • Train and coach SDRs

2. Track and report Sales Development progress:

  • Track and progress new leads in HubSpot: MQL, SAL, SQL
  • Maintain a clean CRM of new contacts and leads
  • Follow up with the Sales team to identify and separate qualified vs. disqualified leads in the CRM

3. Set the Sales Development team’s goals for the day, week, month and quarter:

  • Work with Senior Management on identifying new priorities and re-prioritizing competing campaigns
  • Work with Marketing on identifying new marketing content for outbound follow-up
  • Work with the Head of Marketing on disseminating new research and competitive intel to SDRs

The ideal candidate will possess verbal and written eloquence to communicate effectively to Senior Management at Inspirata. He or she will also be a strong relationship builder, able to develop a close collaboration with business unit heads, and with all members of the Sales and Marketing teams.

This role is best suited for ambitious stars who have been on a strong initial trajectory as SDRs and are now ready to apply their leadership and management skills to take their career to the next level. Discipline and aptitude to implementing and following processes is a must.

The successful candidate for the Sales Development Manager position must be comfortable with analytics, CRM management and reporting. Digital literacy, especially with CRMs and Sales Enablement tools, is a strong requirement.

Travel for this role is minimal.


  • Bachelor’s degree required (specialization in Biology or another Science track is a strong plus)
  • 5+ years of relevant experience, with at least 2 years of experience in managing teams (prior employment at Sales Development consulting agencies is a plus)
  • Digital literacy – must be comfortable working with tools, such as HubSpot, Showpad, Enablix, Outreach
  • Strong discipline and project management skills
  • Excellent written and oral presentation skills
  • Analytical, data-driven, comfortable with creating reports
  • The aptitude to explore creative angles with each suspect lead and thus turn a “no” into an “yes” in prospecting calls
  • The ability to coach and give feedback to SDRs on the spot
  • The aptitude to leverage existing marketing materials and research data points as collateral for the Sales Development team’s successful outreaches to target audiences
  • A passion for healthcare and innovation are strongly preferred

If you enjoy developing innovative solutions to solve complicated problems for highly targeted cancer care, contact us at

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